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An old adage, now taken to greater heights with the booming hospitality industry in india.

Proactive pest control is vital in all businesses however, hoteliers are more vulnerable to pest infestation due to the nature of their business. In the unlikely event that an infestation does manage to become established they can be difficult to eradicate, cause extensive damage and rapidly ruin a hard earned reputation.

Based on its size and complexity, your property provides unique opportunities for pests to live and breed. Therefore, it takes a knowledgeable specialist to devise a customized pest control solution to fit the unique needs of your facility

Yes Pick n Pick Hicare recognizes the importance of protecting the public from the threats to public health associated with pests. Rats and other pests can cause serious damage to buildings, destroying insulation, causing electrical fires and damage to other structural components of buildings. Energy loss from rodent damaged buildings can also result in added costs for business.

Pests such as rats, cockroaches and flies may be responsible for transmitting infection and disease and are certainly reservoirs for pathogens that can cause illness in humans. Bed bugs cause irritating and unsightly marks. Although not associated with spread of disease, infestations are distressing.

Pest infestations can spread quickly through accommodation, are difficult to eradicate and can be very costly in terms of treatment, potential closure of the business and damage to its reputation. Adverse publicity and litigation can be even more costly in relation and future business.

Pest minimization and pest proofing are important steps in reducing the risk to public health and to safeguarding high quality hospitality/accommodation services.

Yes Pick n Pick Hicare services several hospitality customers across India; we realize the unique challenges that affect this sector and comprise the expertise to overcome them. We also understand how significant it is that your guests be unaware of your pest management service.

All you have to do is request a free inspection to find out what YesPicknPick has in store for you with a customized pest management program for your establishments that will keep pests from checking in and guests from checking out!