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Pest Facts


Termites constitute an order of insects called “ISOPTERA”. Although they are commonly called white ants, they are not related to ants. There are over 2300 species of termites of which about 220 found in India. Only few of these species are considered to be serious pests. The damage caused by termites runs into billions of rupees. 

The economic damage they cause is mainly to timbers used in buildings, trees, and many household articles like books, carpets, linoleum, furniture, clothes, currency and important documents. Even cable insulations which come in their way are also damaged by them causing fires. 

Termites are social insects which live in colonies, a colony consists of three different castes namely, reproductives – king and queen, workers and soldiers. Workers and soldiers both are sterile and have no eyes and wings. The worker as name indicates does all work in the colony and soldier guards the colony from predators. The workers are greyish white in colour and soldiers are generally darker than the workers. The alates also known as swarmers have brown or black bodies and long equal wings.



  • Termites work 24 hours /7 Days a week and they Never sleep
  • Like Vampires They don't like sunlight and can actually die if exposed to sunlight , that's why they travel in mud tubes and live in nest either below or above ground
  • They have been around since Dinosaur times in fact they have been alive for over 250 Million Years
  • Termite queens can live for between 15 to 25 Years

  • There are more termites on earth than Human
  • Some termites nests can contain up to 2 million termites
  • They eat not only dead wood and homes but they also eat live trees

  • Termites pass more wind than humans and create Methane gas
  • Termite Gas generates some of the highest quantities of methane (greenhouse gas emission) in the animal/insect kingdom, with some scientist stating that they contribute more methane than all human industries combined (factories, cars, etc.).
  • Termite colonies eat nonstop, 24 hours a day, seven days a week!
  • The total weight of all the termites in the world is more than the weight of the entire humans in the world!
  • Termites cause damage worth $2 billion every year!